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April 7, 2023

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Welcome to CFTR2

Welcome to the CFTR2 website

Our Purpose:

CFTR2 is a website that provides information for patients, researchers, and the general public about specific variants in what is commonly referred to as the cystic fibrosis (CF) gene.

For each variant or variant combination included in the database, the website will provide information about:

1. Whether the variant or variant combination is CF-causing, and

2. Information about sweat chloride, lung function, pancreatic status, and Pseudomonas infection rate in patients in the CFTR2 database with this variant or variant combination.

Information on the CFTR2 website is being updated as further analysis is completed. The most up-to-date clinical information and results of functional testing are available on individual variant pages. For a complete list of CFTR2 variants and their characterizations, please visit CFTR2 Variant List History.

What this site is intended to do:

  • This website provides information for members of the general public, including cystic fibrosis patients and their family members, about what is currently known about specific genetic variants related to cystic fibrosis.
  • Patients and their family members are encouraged to visit the section, “For patients and family members” first.
  • This website also provides more in-depth research-related information for health care professionals and researchers.  

What this site is NOT intended to do:

This website is not intended to help diagnose anyone with CF.

  • The information about groups of patients contained on this website should not be used to predict the clinical course of individual patients. 
  • This website is not intended to provide medical advice to individual patients. 
  • This website is not intended to provide information about pancreatitis, diabetes mellitus, or other diseases associated with CF.

For more information about CF, click here.

Note: If you have questions about any of the information contained in this website, please consult your doctor.

Site Usage Agreement:

Before you may search the database, you must read and agree to the following statements. Please read each statement and check the box next to each one and then continue.